Our first investment will be in Naantali

We will build the first green hydrogen and ammonia production plant in Naantali, Finland. The purpose is to produce synthetic fuel and chemicals for the needs of the current market and to create the possibility for new markets. The plant is scheduled to be in production use in the coming years.

We will produce green hydrogen by the electrolysis process. Our production is based on renewable electricity and not on natural gas, as has been the case so far. This will create a significant reduction in emissions.

Naantali is an optimal place for the production of green hydrogen products

At the location of our future plant in Naantali, the infrastructure that is central to the production of green hydrogen products is ready, including electricity, heat and premises.

Other strengths of the area include:

  • Logistics made possible by the TEN-T transport network – ammonia is most commonly transported by ship
  • Utilization of waste heat in Turku district heating network
  • Possibility of creating a circular economy ecosystem/hydrogen valley in the surrounding area.

We focus on green ammonia

Green ammonia replaces the fossil-based ammonia currently in use. Its market can grow even faster than the green hydrogen market, as its logistical network already exists. Green ammonia is expected to play a major role in the future, especially as a marine fuel. In addition, it can accelerate the development of the hydrogen economy, as ammonia can be utilized as a carrier of hydrogen.

Ammonia is also a critical chemical for agriculture and industry. At the moment, ammonia is mainly produced outside the EU, which means that enabling domestic production will significantly improve Finland’s security of supply.