On the mission to accelerate the green transition with green fuels and chemicals

We are developing a green hydrogen plant. It will enable us to replace fossil fuels that are harmful to the climate and, at the same time, create jobs within the green transition.

Hydrogen-based solutions play a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting economic growth. Green hydrogen products also play a major role in bringing flexibility to the electricity market.

Green hydrogen is produced with renewable electricity, and Finland has significant renewable energy resources. The production of hydrogen products therefore opens up the possibility of improving our energy self-sufficiency.

There are both existing and new markets for green ammonia

We focus primarily on green ammonia, which is a derivative of hydrogen. According to the studies, it is in a position to reach the price level of the current fossil market as the first power-to-X product. It is liquid, so it can be stored and moved more easily than hydrogen, and its logistical network already exists. It is an excellent fuel for the shipping industry.

At present, ammonia is used, for example, as a raw material for nitrate fertilizers. In other words, the domestic production of ammonia will also improve agriculture’s security of supply.

Our green hydrogen project in Naantali got off to a strong start

The purpose of our first hydrogen project is to produce synthetic fuel and chemicals for the needs of the current market and to create the possibility for new markets.

The importance of our project has been widely acknowledged and supported. We have world-class engineering expertise at our disposal, and our future plant will be in Naantali in an optimal location.

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Environmental impact assessment program published for Green North Energy’s planned hydrogen plant in Naantali

Green North Energy’s hydrogen project is progressing according to plan, and the environmental impact assessment (EIA) process for the planned plant in Naantali, Finland, has now begun. The aim of the project is to produce synthetic fuel and chemicals with renewable electricity in Naantali.

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Green North Energy completes green hydrogen and ammonia production concept – project triples in size

Green North Energy’s green hydrogen and ammonia project is progressing according to plan, and the plant concept has now been completed. As a result, the project has tripled in size from the original plan. The company will play a significant role in Finland’s security of supply and green transition.

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Join our green hydrogen revolution

Green North Energy is growing and we are now seeking two new persons to help us bring the hydrogen economy and use of ammonia to the world. In these full-time positions, you will play a key role in creating a greener future. Check the details here and apply.

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Green North Energy receives EUR 2.3 million in R&D funding from Business Finland for the development of green hydrogen and ammonia production

Business Finland has awarded R&D funding to Green North Energy, a pioneer of green ammonia production in Finland. With the loan, the company is developing a green hydrogen and ammonia production concept.The company plays an important role in Finland’s security of supply and the green transition.

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