We are paving the way for the production of green hydrogen and ammonia

Green North Energy is a green energy project development company which enables the operation of green hydrogen and ammonia plants. Our starting point is to utilize the existing ammonia market and logistical infrastructure.

Green North Energy was established in 2021, when Elomatic engineers innovated new business in the Naantali refinery area. As a result, Elomatic Oy decided to establish a green hydrogen development company. At the end of 2021, Flexens Oy Ab joined as the company’s owner.

Finland is an ideal place for the production of green hydrogen products

Several projects around the globe aim to accelerate the emergence of a green hydrogen market. With the emergence of a new market, the production of hydrogen products will shift to countries where renewable electricity is available.

We have chosen Finland as the manufacturing location for our green hydrogen products. Finland has favorable conditions for large-scale renewable energy production, which guarantees a competitive electricity price. The use of waste heat for heating is also one of Finland’s advantages.

On the mission to accelerate the green transition with green fuels and chemicals