Green North Energy has made a reservation for a site for its green hydrogen project in Naantali

Green North Energy Oy has made a reservation for a plot of land in the Luolala area of Naantali to advance the planning of the company’s green hydrogen project. The intention of the project is to produce hydrogen products, such as green ammonia, on the basis of renewable electricity. This enables both global and local green transition and improves Finland’s security of supply. Currently, the company is investigating alternative locations for the production plant.

Green North Energy Oy has made a reservation for a plot of land in the Luolala area of Naantali. The reservation is connected to the company’s green hydrogen project that is intended to produce synthetic fuels and chemicals with renewable energy for the needs of the current market as well as the future. This supports the green transition of traffic and other industries. The company already has a letter of intent with Turun Seudun Energiantuotanto Oy.

Green North Energy Oy focuses primarily on green ammonia. Green ammonia fuels have an especially significant role in shipping because the energy needs of this industry cannot be met with battery technology. Additionally, a critical need for the production of ammonia has emerged to secure the security of supply for agriculture following Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Green North Energy is currently investigating alternative locations for a production plant and conducting assessments with the City of Naantali, development company Green Industry Park and authorities. The company will make the final decision on the location of the plant or parts of the plant in the area on the basis of these assessments.

– Naantali is an excellent place for the production of green hydrogen products. The necessary infrastructure already exists, the location is logistically excellent and the waste heat is utilized in Turku’s district heat network, says Jussi Ylinen, Managing Director of Green North Energy Oy.

– Cooperation with the city has been excellent. Additionally, we have received assistance from Green Industry Park in mapping the location and cooperation partners and advancing the cooperation discussions, for example, Ylinen continues.

– In the Turku area, special expertise in the chemistry processing industry already exists, which makes possible success in industry level operations, such as the high value added hydrogen industry, adds Linda Fröberg-Niemi, CEO of Green Industry Park.

Hydrogen-based solutions are essential in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy prices and supporting economic growth. They also play a key role in bringing flexibility to the electricity market.

– Green North Energy Oy’s lot reservation in Naantali is a great next step for the development work towards the green transition and bringing new jobs to the Turku city area. A significant amount of the city’s energy production currently operates in Naantali, meaning the area definitely has the expertise, says Laura Leppänen, the Mayor of Naantali.

Further information:

Jussi Ylinen, CEO
Green North Energy Oy
tel. +358 40 577 2430

Laura Leppänen, Mayor
City of Naantali
tel. +358 40 767 4364

Linda Fröberg-Niemi, CEO
Green Industry Park Oy
tel. +358 50 587 3441

Established in 2021, Green North Energy is a green energy project development company which enables the operation of green hydrogen and ammonia plants. The largest business owners of the company are the consulting and engineering company Elomatic Oy and Flexens Oy Ab. Our first project is making great progress and, in the near future, we will build a green hydrogen and ammonia production plant in Naantali.


Naantali is a growing and attractive city of over 19,000 residents, located in Southwest Finland. Naantali is a major industrial and port city, with functioning connections on land and through shipping routes. Currently, about one thousand companies operate in Naantali.


Green Industry Park Oy is a development company that was established in June 2021. The company’s purpose is to develop the biobased and circular economy as well as industrial renewable energy operations in the Naantali, Raisio and Turku areas, including the area of Naantali’s former refinery.